In work, we follow applicable safety regulations and standards. Being familiar and complying with occupational health and safety rules is very important to us. Our premises and equipment are properly equipped, fully operational and appropriately labelled. We are committed to ensuring that all our suppliers also comply with safety regulations.


Our relationships with partners, customers and suppliers are sustainable, open and, above all, based on trust. We value creativity, efficiency, and people who follow their intuition, knowledge, and experience. We would like our partners to identify with our organisation and products. We cooperate with other entities on the market in search of the best solutions we can offer.


We understand how important it is to make sure that the information our partners and customers share with us remains confidential. This includes original designs, visualisations, technical reports, photos etc. We respect copyrights and ownership rights and we expect the same when it comes to materials prepared by us and made available to our partners for the purpose of cooperation.


When undertaking ventures and performing our daily work, we act in accordance with applicable regulations. We comply with the principles of business ethics; we are honest, we avoid ambiguity as well as any negative attitudes and behaviour. We seek to cooperate with companies that share similar values.


We are committed to preserving the positive image of the company and our brands. We have introduced the possibility of ongoing assessment of our work using a form available at www.komet.pl (cooperation tab). Feel free to send us your opinion. We analyse every feedback in detail, as we believe it is necessary to ensure high standards and mutual development.