Our powder coating plant meets the quality expectations of our customers.

Powder coating is our speciality. The Komet powder coating plant is equipped with an automatic line, which can accommodate long series, and manual booths suitable for short batches. The maximum dimensions of the standard elements which we paint are as follows: length 2.45 m. x width 0.70 m. x height 1.80 m. Oversized dimensions: maximum length up to 10.00 m.

Our standard colours

We use smooth paints (matt, semi-matt and gloss) and structural paints (fine and coarse texture). We use both epoxy paints and UV resistant polyester paints.

Looking for a different colour?

We also use colours other than the standard ones. Find out more about powder coating in any RAL colour.

Powder paint shop

We have a modern Ideal-Line automatic powder coating plant equipped with: 3-stage cascade washer, dryer, polymerisation oven, burners, electronic process control, temperature controller. Dimensions of the oven and dryer allow us to paint elements with the following dimensions:

dimensions length width weight
standard max. 2,45 m. max. 0,70 m. max. 1,80 m.
oversized 2,45 m.–10,00 m. max. 0,70 m. max. 1,80 m.

High quality painting

Needless to say, the painting process affects the quality of the coating. We offer:

  • mechanical and chemical surface preparation (iron phosphating, rinsing) – degreasing increases paint adhesion,
  • drying at up to 120°C (keeping the surface clean),
  • application of powder paint using the Tribo or electrostatic method,
  • polymerisation at 160°C – 230°C (curing the coating).

Galvanising and corrosion

Galvanising is an effective way to protect metal components against corrosion. A zinc layer is applied before powder coating (we use hot-dip galvanising, electroplating, and powder zinc plating) or it is applied as the only layer of coating. Corrosion is the opposite of galvanizing. Corrosion can be beautiful and there are many corroded products in our garden product offer.

Additional benefits

We produce cardboard packaging with 3 and 5 layers of corrugated cardboard. You may order the powder coating service together with individual or collective packaging, as well as packing and assembling the products on Euro pallets. We ensure appropriate storage of painted elements in a warehouse until the time of agreed collection. These are our additional advantages.


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